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Solihull Residential Lettings offers a wide range of product service packs. For detailed information about any of our service packs, please speak to a member of our team or submit a general enquiry via our contact form.


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  • For enhanced marketing that boosts your online presence please select from the following
  • By taking the right steps you Landlords protect themselves from selecting high risk Tenants. Comprehensive legal compliance ensures you retain a strong position should your relationship with your Tenant deteriorate.
  • Whilst most Tenancy`s progress smoothly issues can and often do arise from time to time where professional and qualified guidance offers you the support you need.
  • In adversity even previously sound Tenants can find themselves unable to pay the rent or vacate the property. Landlords are likely to find themselves 6 months of arrears before they can engage bailiffs to evict the Tenants. Landlords that are risk averse they would be well advised to consider one of the following.
  • When asserting authority, Landlords need to ensure they are deploying the correct statutory forms. These need to be completed and served correctly to be enforceable in a court of law.
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