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Solihull Residential Lettings work in partnership with Homelet to reference applicants

Before you make the payment please ensure that you can

  1. satisfy their affordability criterion.
  2. submit support documents in pdf scanned format


The income per household should exceed monthly rental x 30 per annum

The following will not be accepted as a source of income

  • Fixed term non permanent contracts that expire during the initial term of the tenancy.
  • Zero hour contracts
  • Variable bonuses

If you cannot satisfy the criteria one or more of the following options can be used to overcome the shortfall

  1. Savings that exceed the monthly rental x 12 for at least 30 days
  2. Secondary employment
  3. Pensions
  4. Working tax credits

Alternatively a guarantor is acceptable provided they can satisfy the same criteria with the exception of their income which must exceed monthly rental x 36 per annum


The following documents will be used to verify your

1. Identity

1.1         Passport for photographic identification


1.2         Driving Licence and Birth Certificate

2. Address

Invoice less than 3 months old bearing your current address from one of the following

2.1          Gas provider
2.2          Electric provider
2.3          Water provider
2.4          Council tax

In certain circumstances we may accept

2.5          Credit card statement

2.6          Bank statement

3. Employment

If you are employed confirmation from your employer on headed paper stating your

3.1          Job Title
3.2          Basic Salary
3.3          Status either permanent or temporary.

and your last 3 months payslip

If you are self-employed confirmation from your accountant on headed paper stating you are a

3.4          Director;
3.5          Drawings in current financial year
and / or
3.6          Dividends in current financial year